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Whatever brought you here, I appreciate your support. You are truly an Awesome (one-time) Benefactor

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Make a one-time or recurring donation. Because you like my work or contributions. Because you can. Because you are awesome.

If you are not familiar with my software-development work, you might ask yourself which projects I have contributed to.

In the PHP world you might know my small contributons to larger projects like Composer, PHPUnit and the Heroku PHP buildpack. Or maybe from my larger contributions to smaller projects like PHPTAL and the PHP Codesniffer Composer Installer. Or maybe from the PHPTwente meetup group or the PHP Hooligans talks and cool scarf.

In the BASH world you might be familiar with my work for BPKG (the BASH Package Manager) or my involvement with BATS (the Bash Automated Testing System).

If you use Docker for your CI, maybe you have heard of the Pipeline-components I help create and maintain for Gitlab-CI, Github Actions, Travis or just locally. (See for details).

Or maybe you just came across my distinctive cartoon avatar in any of the 200+ projects I have opened issues or merge requests in.

Whatever brought you here, I appreciate your support. You are truly an Awesome (one-time) Benefactor! 🚀

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Command-line wrapper for the Liquid template language linter.


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