Richard L Haight

Richard L Haight shares secret samurai awareness methods for personal transformation and empowerment

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Richard L. Haight is a bestselling author, and an instructor of meditation, healing and martial arts. As a young man, he moved to Japan, where he spent 15 years training in the ancient arts. Haight is one of a small handful of foreigners to have earned masters licenses in both martial and therapy traditions in Japan.

During his life, a series of profound visions guided him to the realization of the Oneness of which the ancient spiritual sages often spoke. Guided by mystical visions, Haight developed a unique approach to the martial, meditation, and healing arts that he inherited, which transforms those arts into spiritual paths free of dogma and tradition, and that blends seamlessly with daily life.

Haight now teaches the Warriors Meditation through a daily guided service available online at

The Warriors Meditation, born of elite Samurai training is the best-kept secret in cognitive development, personal improvement, and spiritual awakening in the world.

The goal is to spread the Warriors Mediation worldwide so that it can help as many people as possible to live deeply fulfilling lives punctuated by vibrant awareness.

The short-term projects are to get radio shows, podcasters, YouTubers, and Self-help authors to promote the Warriors Meditation to their audiences. Next is to see the Warriors Meditation offered in retirement homes, hospitals, charitable organizations as well as by the Human Resources Departments of businesses with large employee bases.

You can help by donating and or introducing the Warriors Meditation to organizations that you feel could benefit from the Warriors Meditation. I am happy to speak anyone who makes decisions regarding such programs and arrange for group or organizational discounts.

The Long-term goal is to introduce the Warriors Meditation to foreign countries, starting with Japan. To do that I will need to set up a Japanese website, with each lesson voiced over in Japanese. Once the Japanese website is working and paying for itself, I can move on to other languages like Spanish, German, et cetera.

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