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Foodsaving Worldwide is a distributed, global grassroots movement against food waste. Our main method is to save food from being thrown away. This is done via cooperations with stores, restaurants and any kind of business, that handles food.

Connect people

Bridge the barriers of nationalities and bring together foodsaving enthusiasts from all over the world.

Provide software

Our very own pick-up management tool named Karrot! Completely translatable, open source and free to use forever!

Share knowledge

Collect experiences, problems and solutions for all the foodsaving groups out there to benefit from.


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karrot-frontend 135 Modifié cette semaine

Modern website for organization of foodsaving groups worldwide (frontend code) - also: central location for feature planning. (go to for server-side code)

karrot-backend 64 Modifié il y a 1 mois

Django API server for the karrot frontend

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