Paula Blair

Making the Audiovisual Cultures podcast and publishing research on film and visual culture

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Hello! I'm Paula and I create and host Audiovisual Cultures, a free podcast which explores the arts and cultural production through conversations with researchers, enthusiasts and practitioners. I am trying to cover the costs of making and distributing it through Patreon at

I also write a weekly blog with draft work of my research that I plan to publish. I write for academic and non-academic publications, and I sometimes release YouTube videos based on my work.

I am a huge supporter of the creative commons and I believe educational material should be accessible to everyone. I want my work to be not-for-profit, but I also need a livable wage. My donation goal is the equivalent of a full-time living wage in the UK. Any support at all in reaching it and to help me continue my work while keeping it free at the point of access is gratefully received.

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