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Hi! I’m a Single mom of two under the age of 3 and I’m in need of some money. My children need diapers and wet wipes , new clothes and shoes for the season , and I have a few utility bills I need to get payed . Like my internet . I’m in need of paying it because I start an at home job soon , and I would need to pay my internet so I can continue to work . This is just to hold me off until I kick off this new career. I would appreciate this money because I’m a hard working individual . Who birthed and raised two humans . As I will keep my age anonymous , most people at my age would crumble with the weight of responsibility I possess but I will show otherwise and excel . I did everything in my power to fund myself up until now and man did I do it . But at this point of time I need help . Immediate help . This help will not be taken for granted . It will be remembered and forever honored . I just need one little push to make it past that time ! Thank You!


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