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As almost everything in sim-racing, running a social and competitive team has expenses connected to it.

Everything from entry fees and travel expenses to website domain and car livery designs, cost a fair share of money, and with only the most successful teams in the world being big enough for meaningful sponsorships, it's difficult to finance a smaller team.

The meaning of this profile is to collect funds to cover the running costs of the team, as well as developing the team further. Some of the future plans/wishes include: Expansion of our vehicle list with a LITHIUM livery. Team clothing. Team gear like drink bottles, gloves etc.

The funds are collected on the teams own bankaccount and cannot be spend for anything unless aproved by multiple team managers.

(This profile is mainly created for team members to support the team, but obviously outside support is also welcome. If interested in a possible Sponsor deal/partnership, dont hessitate to contact us through our website:

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