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Hey, I'm Lumeinshin, I run is a forum for hobbies and interests. I aim to capture a piece of internet history that I think has been replaced with large monopolistic sites like Reddit. We have a small but buzzing community over there, please take a look.

I hope to host other sites and such in future as well as continue developing and hosting the forum. Other services I host include the invite only Pleroma Fediverse instance and the public text-only XMPP server

I have a Focalboard instance where I post updates regarding the forum and things being worked on:

I also have a git server that is invite only, if you'd like to mirror/host your software projects on it let me know and I can invite you

Any donations received here will go towards upkeep of the services that I host and expanding advertising to grow the userbase as well as improve the user experience on the site

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