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NerdRat: Free Software for truthiness, Courses, Tutorials, Books and Cheatsheets cyberpunk style.

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NerdRat: Immersion to the electronic frontier.

Hi! I am NerdRat. I create learning material. From Courses and Tutorials on video through Books and Cheat-sheets on various formats, you can learn tech fast with my content. Due to my current limited technological resources the quality of the content may vary, but with your support quality will be assured. You can suggest content to my email and we may get to an agreement.

I am also a free (libre) software developer, this won't change because I don't like to perpetuate social inequality working for a hoarder company that considers money is more important than humans. So what my life would worth if I am contributing to concentrate power for someone who doesn't care about people. So I create software for ensuring decentralization of power, privacy enforcement, quality education that promotes being self taught and the most important (that most contemporary software don't), software that stands for verifiable truthiness of information.

I focus mainly on the following topics: Computer Science, Mathematics, Web Development, Electronics, Digital Electronics and some funny themes like games.

With your support I may get a better computer, a better microphone, an hd camera and a better internet connection. I am planning to produce content weekly and possibly daily, depending on support.

You can visit my personal site where the magic happens:

You can find me on:

Diode Zone Diode Zone peertube instance

Lbry Channel

Odysee Odysee

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Thank you, and I send you Love.

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