Remmina - Remote Desktop client for Linux.

Use other desktops remotely, from a tiny screen or large monitors. 1.4.21 out now.

Remmina reçoit 55,30 € par semaine grâce à 94 mécènes. Objectif : 65,00 €


Copylefted libre remote desktop client. Welcome to to what you are making the best way of doing things. Thank you.

Try the new X2Go plugin in 1.4.21 :) Lots of small and big changes coming. Maybe it will follow the new GTK guidelines, maybe not? The documentation is getting fancier, and will cover more things. What you want to do is [](join the program) while doing it. Maybe there will be a brew package? Request, or implement something or fund things specifically or generally.

  • Remmina is funded 100% by people like you :))) Funds currently go towards smoothing out the user experience, and a big change.

Liberapay-funded and implemented: * Multi-monitor support.

Together we have amassed real and sustained support. It feels great that so many people have our back. When all the hard work and new effort is appreciated everyone is pulling in the right direction.




The blog, wiki, website (at and software strings are reworked, all issues tagged, and the new localization effort on is looking good. 67 languages (!). Every day it gets a little bit better.

All affiliate links, the CoC, tracking, and all spying scripts are gone. Sending installation info from the program is (of course) opt-in, and now fetching news is too. The website now works well in the Tor Browser.

To help Remmina be available on Wikipedia in as many languages as possible, copy the English text from to your language using the advanced editor, and translate it to bring the number up. Currently seven languages: English, Czech, French, Russian, Italian, Norwegian Bokmål, and Portuguese.

Edit: All contributors and users are cool, we are always happy to notice new ones :) You are appreciated, hope you are all in it for the long haul. That so many show their support is really a warming and appreciated gesture. Your donation means the world to us, and makes the copylefted libre Remmina project better in every aspect.

If you have a specific wish you can tell us about it on IRC. #remmina on, where we are always around to help and talk to Remminers alike. If something is keeping you from donating or could make Remmina better, share it. Just trying to make the best and honest attempt and seeing how it goes. Thank you kind and awesome person. :)


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