Nawfal Johnson

I am an Independent Freelance Photographist for 30 Years, and a Blogger for 12 Year!

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Hello, my name is Nawfal and I am an Independent Photographist.
1) I am Independent, meaning that I do hard work without the guarantee of a set income, or benefits, or anything guaranteed. Being independent is rewarding but risky. I depend on people liking and buying my Art Photography, and that can be done at, . However, that is often not enough.
2) I provide very good and useful content on Photography, and Life in Malaysia, and Living with Various Kinds of Arthritis, in my Blogs, and those main blogs are: and . ☆ If you like my work, think I provide useful content and interesting features, then please, Donate so I can continue providing this content. Many hours go into my Photography and Artworks, and the Writing of my Blogs to keep them updated, and useful for you, my subscribers.

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