Dimitris Kardarakos

Creating free software based on KDE technologies

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I enjoy living in a free world. Luckily, the world of free software is a place that it is worth it to live in and to fight for.

I have been contributing to free software for many years; writing code and documentation, promoting its adoption and make it more accessible to non tech savvy folks - mostly with my KDE member hat on.

The primary focus of my work has been to improve the free software ecosystem on mobile devices. The mobile users deserve a set of hardware, operating system and application ecosystem that respects their digital rights.

So far, I have created the following applications:

  • Calindori, calendar for Plasma Mobile
  • Kongress, a companion application for conferences

while I have contributed to various mobile related repositories.

Donating is a way to say thank you for my done work.

Spreading the word about the free software projects I have worked on is also much appreciated.


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