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dotMavriQ - Open Source Advocate and Internet Denizen

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Thank you for finding your way to my OpenFansđź„Ż

I am dotMavriQ, a somebody born and raised in a small town in Sweden. I spend my days coding, playing music, reading books and cooking.

I blog about all of it over at The dotBlog.

I believe in internet emancipation, consumer awareness, the free distribution of knowledge and all things good, tasty and exciting!

I do provide a lot of varied content, but if you give Khajit some coin I might just tilt my focus towards subjects that interest you more.

You don't have to, of course...if you drop a comment on my blog I will most likely oblige either way...

The liberapay is just here for anyone that might feel a bit charitable.

I will to the best of my ability grant the wishes of anyone that donates, but I'm just happy to have people reading my blog!

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