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Since November 2022, I am running the Mastodon instance floe.earth on a voluntary basis. I currently have to pay between approximately 23 and 30 EUR per month. Here is a breakdown of these costs:

  • Server costs (Hetzner): monthly 11.64 EUR
  • Storage space on Object Storage for media files and backups (Scaleway): variable costs, monthly between 3 and 10 EUR
  • Domain (Gandi): annually 19.99 EUR
  • Server costs for monitoring solution (Contabo): monthly 5.99 EUR

Your support enables me to sustain the operation of our instance as well as make upgrades that may become necessary or improve the user experience. For example, further donations would enable me to limit media files less aggressively, which would make viewing images and videos on Mastodon faster and more reliable. This would result in higher costs for object storage (depending on the strategy, e.g., an additional 10 EUR per month), so your donations would be much appreciated.

I would be very grateful for your support. Even small amounts are helpful and much appreciated.

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