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I am professional Software Engineer and for the past few years, my hobby has been developing apps for the mobile OS Ubuntu Touch and also contributing on its various projects/repos.


I have multiple apps available from the OpenStore. I also have notable contributions for projects such as the keyboard-component and morph-browser. For example, I implemented features like cursor mover/selector and text function buttons in the OSK in Ubuntu Touch.

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Gearboy 0 Modifié il y a 3 ans

A fork of Ryan Pattison's Gearboy port for Ubuntu Touch.

tagatuos-app 1 Modifié il y a 2 mois

Tagatuos is a simple but powerful app for managing your personal finances.

palitan-app 3 Modifié il y a 2 mois

Palitan is a simple but powerful currency conversion app for Ubuntu Touch created mainly with QQC2 mixed with Ubuntu UI Toolkit

pesbuk-app 4 Modifié il y a 8 mois

A simple but powerful unofficial Facebook client for Ubuntu Touch.

indicator-darkmode 1 Modifié il y a 1 an

A custom indicator for Ubuntu Touch to switch between Ambiance and Suru Dark theme.

talaan-app 3 Modifié il y a 1 an

Talaan is a simple but powerful checklist app for Ubuntu.

indicator-immersive 0 Modifié il y a 3 ans

A custom indicator for the proof of concept of immersive mode in Lomiri

morph-browser (fork) 0 Modifié il y a 2 ans

keyboard-component (fork) 0 Modifié il y a 3 ans

Ubuntu Touch keyboard as maliit plugin


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