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We started recently from building of corporation one of first linked company based in Russia and USA based brand name.

Brand of Sell.Systems, high quality services and items, the best society with automations systems and robots works instead of people and provide all needs.

There are no more GEO-nations, only one global world without many issues.

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AmazonRepricer 1 Modifié il y a 3 ans

Amazon Repricer Demo PHP script maden in 2013 using Amazon MWS API

symfony_test 0 Modifié il y a 4 ans

bitrix24_API_PHP_Sample 2 Modifié il y a 4 ans

Sample code for integration Bitrix24 via API on PHP

Pay-Pal-Invoices-For-Wordpress-Plugin 0 Modifié il y a 4 ans

little plugin to contain your theme customisation snippets and PayPal Invoices Create and Send Functions.

yahoo_auction_japan_auto_bidder 2 Modifié il y a 4 ans

Some years ago ( early 2015 ) I worked on a project for Automation bids on Yahoo Japan Auction via Browser Automation on linux backend maden with Lazarus IDE + Apache2 + Mysql + PHP + WebKit + JavaScript on server side and linked with a web interface.

EmbeddedChromiumFpCef3Lazarus 0 Modifié il y a 4 ans

Embedded Chromium browser fpCef3 in Lazarus IDE

SCRAPER_PROXIES_LAZARUS 0 Modifié il y a 4 ans

Simple software for harverst proxies from public resources(linux based, webkit)


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