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I'm a web developer & software engineer from Algeria. I love building 🛠 new and exciting things for computers 💻🖥💻. When I am not busy working on various projects, you'll find me sleeping 😴 or watching movies 🎞🎞.

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hiphp 1 Modifié il y a 1 semaine

backdoor control php sites, The site is controlled by sending commands, files and codes to the site using the http or https protocol. After copying the code and placing it in any php file on the target website, you will have permissions to enter it, read all files, delete and even upload new files to it. Also, this backdoor is password protected and non-reverse encryption.

easy4py 1 Modifié il y a 1 mois

Scripts that help me in my programming life :).

imgtoascii 0 Modifié il y a 1 mois

Convert images to ascii.

pipincluder 1 Modifié il y a 2 mois

To import packages if they are found, or download them from pypi if they are not present. This project is in order to bypass errors during importing any package.

ashar 0 Modifié il y a 2 mois

This project is for data encryption with password protection.

hexor 0 Modifié il y a 2 mois

hexor for color the texts in hex or rgb colors.

donotimport 0 Modifié il y a 3 mois

A simple package to prevent the abusive use of the import statement in Python.

imbot 0 Modifié il y a 5 mois

imbot for making a bot to control any website.



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