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L'objectif de EchoWii est de recevoir 200,00 $US par semaine.

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About Me

  • Building Custom Flight Controller (FC) Boards and Develop Custom Flight Controller Firmware
  • Building Custom Receiver Boards and Develop Custom Receiver Firmware
  • Building Custom Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC) and Develop Custom ESC Firmware
  • Building Custom Radio Controller and Develop Custom Radio Controller Firmware


  • Make it cheap and easy for everyone to build it from scratch
  • Able to rebuild easily
  • Understand the quadcopter mechanism and logics


  • Built 4 quadcopters in one year
  • Built many versions of custom flight controller

On Going

  • Developing new ESC based on STM32 microprocessor and open source the code for everyone
  • Developing new Flight Controller (FC) Board and Receiver (RX) Board based on STM32 and open source the code for everyone


Wish to receive around USD 200 / week. This is to help me on the Research and Development for the above and open source the code in my github for everyone. This will includes schematic of the boards and the source code for the board.


Custom Flight Controller Custom Flight Controller

Custom Electronic Speed Controller Custom Electronic Speed Controller

There will be more pictures...

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EchoWii32FC 0 Modifié il y a 1 an

Custom Flight Controller Firmware

EchoWii32ESC 1 Modifié il y a 1 an

Custom ESC designed based on STM32F103CBT6 microprocessor

EchoWiiRX 0 Modifié il y a 1 an

EchoWiiTX 1 Modifié il y a 1 an

This code is highly customized for the EchoWiiTX circuit. The original controller was a Futaba T7C but being modified and custom made a board to control all EchoWii Flight controller. It also consists of EchoWiiRX which I will release it later once I had done this TX module.

EchoWiiFC 0 Modifié il y a 1 an

MultiKwad 0 Modifié il y a 2 ans

This is for the multiwii flight controller configuration tool. I am building this with Maximo for giving the community to be able to configure the MultiWii Flight Controller on the new android.


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