Remmina - Remote Desktop client for Linux

Use other desktops remotely, from a tiny screen or large monitors.

Remmina reçoit 7,45 € par semaine grâce à 15 mécènes. Objectif : 15,00 €

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Copylefted libre remote desktop client for use on many large or one tiny screen.

14 funders sending the total to over 10€ per week :)

We have a new packager, with a broken computer, but that situation should resolve into fresh packaging for more systems. So happy all the hard work and new effort is appreciated and that things are pulling in the right direction. Only onwards and upwards from here. 1.4 is planned in a few weeks, and a feature blogpost is in the works.



The blog, wiki,website (at and software strings are reworked, and the new localization effort on is looking good. All affiliate links, and all spying scripts are gone. The website now works well in the Tor-Browser.

Your donation means the world to us, and makes the copylefted libre Remmina project better in every aspect. If you have a specific wish you can tell us about it on IRC. #remmina on freenode, where we are always around to help and talk to Remminers alike. Thank you kind and awesome person.


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