Wild Wharf

Generating solutions for alternative shelter, water, energy and food in a first world nation.

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First world nations need help recognizing our planet is quickly losing the life on it. Want to do something about it? Only 10% of us need to change our ways! I've been building and experimenting with what Tom Brown Jr. calls the sacred four: shelter, water, energy, and food. Do you like what Michael Reynolds did with the Earthships? Do you wish there was an easy way?

That's what I'm into! I am finding a way to attain the sacred four in today's modern world without killing it!

I've been working at Wheaton Labs this year and have earned the right to do my own experiments on an acre of land called On Narrow Pond.

This is the year I intend to build lasting models for people to sleep, eat, and drink in order for people to realize how good life can be using the thinking techniques of Bill Mollison, Sepp Holz, Geoffery Lawton, and Paul Wheaton.

My work focuses on an integrated solution for all four human concerns of shelter, water, energy, and food while helping the planet thrive instead of die!

Help Support my efforts on Narrow Pond.



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