Aniket Bhattacharyea

Coder, Mathematician, YouTuber

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I'm a student, and a self taught programmer. My field of study, and the love of my life is Mathematics. Being a self taught programmer, I have had the opportunity to explore various fields related to programming. I have learned C, C++, Python, JavaScript and many other languages, although my strong field is C++.

I have participated in Google Code In 2016. I have secured 6th position in TopCoder HumbleFool Charity Hackathon 2017 in web development using Node JS. I have professionally worked in writing web apps using Node JS and PHP. I have also worked with Gitlab CI/CD and setting up server using Apache2 and Nginx. I have also built Android apps using Java and Kotlin.

I have been using Linux for over 5 years. Apart from using many distributions, I have experience building Linux From Scratch. I am well versed with shell scripting for Bash, Zsh and Fish shells.

I'm a believer of right of education, and I teach students in my free time.

With the donations, I'd be paying my college fees, support my family and support my hobby.

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