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Hello everyone,

I give approximately 10 hours per week to improve and promote privacy and freedom oriented projects since 2016, as libre and distributed as possible.

That time is used to: tech watch, gather infos, promote the projects on the internet, give feedbacks to the devs, report bugs, translate docs, suggest improvements, test betas, fund some of the projects.

Current things I'm involved in: - debian: testing + bugs reporting + helping users + promoting - Jami: translation from english to french - Wordpress: feedbacks and bugs reporting ( - Nextcloud: testing + promoting - Yunohost: funding + feedbacks and bugs reporting + promoting - Gnome desktop/apps: bug reporting + suggestions - Oxen/Session/Lokinet: testing + promoting - Purism Librem 5: keyboard localization + promoting (for francophones, you're welcome here:

I also launched a third place/fablab in 2019:

My Github account: (not used a lot as I prefer Gitlab or Gitea for obvious reasons).

This is the first time I propose to people to give me donations, as I am not used to this but the goal is double: give more time to the most relevant projects in the field of freedom and privacy, help fund the projects in question.

Thanks everyone. Take care.


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