Digital media toolsmith, making tools and infrastructure.

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I am a digital media toolsmith, working with the creation of both tools and infrastructure to aid creation of my own and others artistic and visual digital media experiments. I am the maintainer and lead developer of GIMPs next generations engine, babl/GEGL - infrastructure libraries providing high bitdepth, HDR and soon non-destructive editing and further capabilities to GIMP - and other software.

By supporting me you encourage my continued work improving, documenting and disseminating existing and ongoing research, experiments and development of various technical and creative projects that aid creative expression.

I enjoy figuring out how to make computers treat visual, and other media in new or interesting ways. Ranging from graphics and audio, input, representation, generation and processing and output through user interfaces to data structures for media representation. You can find a portfolio of past and present projects at http://pippin.gimp.org/

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