Jordan Butterwick

My primary focus is in the development of regionally adapted staple foodcrop landraces.

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I strive to help people everywhere develop regionally adapted staple foodcrop landraces. The purpose of this is simple. Regionally adapted crops often perform better and with less maintenance than the common varieties you might find at retailers or in farmers fields. I want to build tools and gene banks that help people anywhere to develop their own landraces. I assist when and where I can by building tools, growing and giving seeds, creating and spreading information, and supporting community projects. All of this work costs money, which I usually stomach myself, but donations are absolutely welcomed. My goal amount is what it would take for me to be able to do this work full time but I don't expect I'll ever reach that amount and I do this for my own fulfillment more than anything else. Food security is important to me and I want to make it more achieveable for myself and everyone else.

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