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Hi! I'm Micah Elizabeth Scott, and I like to show how things work, often by taking them apart or using them in new ways. For decades now I've been blogging and writing open source tools, but these days my main creative output is in the form of livestreams and edited videos on Twitch and YouTube.

My cat and I have a YouTube channel where you can catch all the livestreams and everything else, and the final edited videos show up on eventually.

Thanks to the generosity of my fans I've been able to work close to full-time on this project lately, making things and documenting them for everyone. I've been reverse-engineering hardware sent in by viewers, and working on a longer-term project to build a robotic camera that will let everyone interact with my cat during and between live shows.

Most of my support so far has been via Patreon, but I think we all get nervous about putting too many eggs in one basket, especially when it's a big corporate basket that occasionally makes decisions that are bad for their cursomers! So here on Liberapay, if you like my work there's another way to support it a little each month or each week.

Anything you can give is greatly appreciated, and it'll help me keep making content by paying for the space I film (and live) in, buying cat food and electronics, etc. Thank you, and happy hacking!

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fadecandy 1057 Modifié il y a 4 semaines

Easy to use open source hardware to drive WS2811 LEDs with high-quality color

coastermelt 195 Modifié il y a 1 an

An effort to make open source firmware for burning anything other than Blu-Ray data onto plastic discs with a BD-R drive.

metalkit 120 Modifié il y a 2 ans

A tiny set of libraries and a tiny bootloader for creating bare-metal programs for 32-bit x86

facewhisperer 85 Modifié il y a 2 ans

USB host add-on for the ChipWhisperer side-channel analysis tool

flipsyfat 31 Modifié il y a 3 ans

FPGA-based emulator to assist with guessing bootloader SD card filenames

arduino-lelo-remote 199 Modifié il y a 7 ans

Arduino library for remote-control Lelo vibrators

ram-tracer 20 Modifié il y a 7 ans

RAM tracer/injector hardware designed for Nintendo DS reverse engineering


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