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Tulevaisuutemme Tomi Toivio edited this page 4 hours ago · 8 revisions Tulevaisuutemme ("Our future" in Finnish) is a website which hopes to eventually achieve the following goals:

Help avoiding mass extinction events on this planet, up to and including mass extinction of homo sapiens itself. Note that the above might mean universal mass extinction since we still have no proof of life elsewhere in the universe. Reduction of suffering and oppression in all of its forms, be it racism, income equality, sexism, oppression based on sexual orientation, etc. For these goals we aim to implement:

Possibility to easily import and share social, environmental, statistical and other forms of data as well as news and other information. In the next stage we will make it possible to analyze and visualize this data using popular data science tools such as Python, R and Julia. Make it possible to discuss these findings in a civilized or even academic fashion. There will be a scoring system similar to Stack Overflow. This may mean discussions are quite slow but we absolutely do not want another troll forum. Besides information dissemination we also aim to make it easier for people to organize globally to act for our shared values.

Possibility to create events (we mean IRL events such as protests) in different parts of the globe. In the end you have to confront the power. Go to the streets. But virtual collaboration is important too. Different tools for event organizers, such as printable flyers and posters, whatever you can think about. Networking opportunities for participants of these social movements. Perhaps you need somebody with a specific skill in your area and can find him through here? Different publishing options, such as the mentioned possibility to publish data and data science scripts, but also block articles, etc. Our Values This site is for people concerned about the state of the planet, biosphere and our own species. Obviously it would take quite a philosopher to argue these values are unimportant. Yet humanity behaves like (sorry for the Americans who didn't vote for the idiot) Donald Trump who is playing Donald Trump on a reality television while high on meth while under Russian mind control. Sorry about that, but the amount of idiocy is intolerable.

Who are we This is an open source website project. It is also the people who code or use the website and the data the website contains. This is not an organization. The values needed to participate on this website are:

Deep concern about the situation of our planet Willingness to do something for a brighter future The platform is open to everybody sharing these values but our goal is to ban troll accounts immediately. Alt-right-type concerns and solutions (you know what I mean) will bring instant and permanent ban. We are from the country that invented Linux and can easily move your IP address to China. The internet is full of garbage and our goal is to finally provide a friendly, intelligent platform to research, discuss and organize around the most important issues in our world. This means that the volume and speed of discussion might be lowered, but we want an adult internet and we want it now.

Other than the ban on most obvious alt-right troll groups and similar types the platform should be free for everybody discussing politely and keeping on the topic. Capitalists, socialists, libertarians, anarchists, social democrats, conservatives, Elon Musk, communists, environmentalists, vegans, transhumanists, whatever.

How are you funded Actually currently this is not funded (except from the wallet of the creator of this project.) If the site becomes a huge and time-consuming project there are several possible funding options:

First we will add a possibility to donate cryptocurrencies for the site development. It might be possible to add advertisements to the site. This might actually be good since the ads will probably be mostly about things like vegetarianism or solar power. Capitalism is not always bad. One possibility is to sell support materials such as t-shirts on a web shop. Another possibility is to - for an example - write a guidebook and share the proceeds between the writers and maintainers of the site. Other than that I am a greedy bastard and please send me all of your cryptocurrencies. I will be so happy! :)

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