Developer of Pétrolette(1) gpt4emacs, Feedrat, Favrat, yPhil Music & videos, etc.

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My name is Phil, I use a part of my spare time to develop and maintain open source projects (My music & videos, Pétrolette, gpt4emacs, Feedrat, Favrat, and more).

By supporting my work with small donations, you help me to pay server costs, guitar strings, and also, it's really encouraging :)

yPhil yPhil Music

I'm an astronaut with the Spacio-Melodic Agency. Quite the rare breed, considering the current landscape..?

Pétrolette Pétrolette

Pétrolette is a news home page, immediately usable without registration with the same URL on any computer, TV or mobile device.

1: I'm not just developing & maintaining Pétrolette, I also host the public instance.

gpt4emacs gpt4emacs

The gpt4emacs module provides a simple prompt to query the OpenAI API within Emacs, either on the region, the whole buffer, or out of the blue.

Feedrat Feedrat

Feedrat is a library that searches for XML feeds in a given page / URL using two strategies: usual suspects (url/feed, url/rss.xml, etc.) and DOM scraping in two places : The very URI, and then the domain thereof.

Favrat Favrat

Favrat is a library you can use in your application to search, find and report a web page's (fav)icon's URL.

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